Property statements

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The Jammu and Kashmir government is tightening noose around its employees by making the rules stringent with each passing day.
According to the media reports the people at the helm have realized that employees are not submitting the requisite annual property statements to the competent authorities. The government has directed all the controlling/drawing and disbursing officers to strictly direct all the officers/officials to furnish the statements in time and that any lapse would be reflected in the APRs/ACRs.
During the past few years government has been regularly monitoring the activities of the employees this has led to the employees becoming more conscious. There are even reports that the government is even keeping the watch on the financial transactions of its employees.
When PDP-BJP coalition took over the reins of the state it had announced that it would launch a decisive war against corruption in the state. In the initial days of the PDP-BJP rule all the investigating agencies were asked to prepare a list of corrupt officials. A few employees were declared as dead wood and shown the exit door. However, most of the employees who were sacked knocked the doors of the judiciary and managed to get back their jobs.
Many people believe that despite government tightening noose around its employees nothing much has changed in the government offices. The common perception which prevails is that employees don’t take many government orders seriously as they know it very well that their jobs are secure and even if some action is taken against them they can take a legal recourse.
It’s not for the first time that government has asked the employees to file their annual property statements. Let us see this time around how many people file their statements.