Amid rains, Basant Rath removes encroachment from foot paths

Srinagar, Apr 9: It was a tough day for those city centre traders who are habitual of encroaching foot-paths by erecting their merchandize there.
IG Traffic Basant Rath accompanied by a fleet of SMC and Traffic Department vehicles seized merchandize of traders erected on foot-paths. Even, some refrigerators were seized by Basant Rath at Residency Road Srinagar.
Scores of youth followed Basant Rath and cheered for him when he started clearing the encroached foot-paths. Amid rains he was seen in busy Dalgate pushing carts asking road side vendors to clear the road.
At many occasions, Basant Rath requested youth not to shot his video. “We are not here for publicity but want to do something for people. People should feel change in my presence,” he told those who were busy in clicking his photographs and videos.
The well-to-do shopkeepers at Residency Road Srinagar were not happy with the IG Traffic. When Basant Rath lifted the merchandise of some shopkeepers, others quickly cleared the foot-paths. A well known readymade garment shopkeeper in Regal Chowk, who always occupies foot path was also forced to remove encroachment. (CNS)