7 solid reasons you’re not losing weight

Trying to lose weight, but cannot? Here are 7 reasons that could be getting in the way Do you keep piling on the kilos, no matter how many diets you try? The problem may have more to do with your general health than with your food. Here are simple solutions that can help you beat the bulge.
Need more sleep If you don’t sleep well, then the body’s hormone axis don’t work properly. They affect metabolism and eventually lead to weight
gain. Doctors say if you aren’t sleeping, your body won’t be digesting food normally either.
Besides, people suffering from insomnia often snack through the night or drink coffee, which makes the problem worse.
Fix it: Get into a routine by going to bed at regular times and waking up at the same time, even during the weekends. Steer clear of caffeine after 4 pm and try to avoid iPhones or watching TV in your bedroom. Instead, unwind by reading before going to bed.
You’re depressed The problem here is twofold. Most people share an emotional relationship with food. So when depressed, they tend to eat more. However,
antidepressants can also stimulate the appetite as, when people feel happier, thanks to the medication, they overeat.
Fix it: It’s important not to use an increase inappetite as an excuse to eat the wrong foods.
Instead, make sure you always have healthysnacks, such as fruit, nuts and seeds, on hand to stave off those pangs of hunger. If you feel your medication is to blame for your weight gain, then see your GP who might be able to prescribe alternatives.