Stop spreading hate

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Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that “fight against terror is not fight against Islam” and all religions preach humanity, the extremists in the country are not leaving any chance to demonize a particular community.
Members of the minority community seem to have become eye sores for them and an attempt is being made to label all the members of a minority community as terrorists.
Rightwing extremist elements have not paid any heed to Prime Minister’s advice. It’s unfortunate that these extremist elements just talk about wiping out a particular community from India and have even set a deadline for it.
The hate mongers across the country are spreading hate on the name of religion and have created a notion that members of a particular community should be taught a lesson.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clearly softened his stand towards the members of a particular community and has been trying his best to defuse the tension across the country but a few people seem to be hell bent upon pitting one community against another.
All religions preach tolerance and Jammu and Kashmir has always remained as an abode of tolerance. But these elements are leaving no stone unturned to demonize Kashmiris and project themselves as war mongers.
The debates being carried out at the news channels are proving detrimental for the existence of Kashmir. The panelists, who participate in these debates, have only one agenda that India should go for a war with Pakistan and Kashmir should be bombarded. If one goes by their narrative then no Kashmiri deserves to be left alive. This narrative is dangerous and can push entire country towards the edge. This narrative has to change to save the humanity .