Traffic jam

Shahnawaz Ali

Traffic jams are chronic major problems in most cities, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. The debates how to ease these gridlocks never stop. Though I am not a specialist of traffic, still want to illustrate some analysis and give some personal suggestions.
At first, the problems were caused by the traffic jams should be listed here .It is easy to image the problems, such as the air pollution, time waste, more fuel cost, even more accidents. However, all of those problems can’t prevent most of the people from choosing cars as the transport when they go out. In fact, there are even more families prepare to purchase a car in order to be more convenient. Except for convenience there are other three main reasons I can figure out that are freedom, private spaces, status symbol.
Driving own car to go anywhere freely is apparently better than taking bus, especially ,taking a crowded bus in a traffic jam. In contrast, staying in own car enjoy private and spare space is more comfortable even in the same traffic. The last reason of status symbol seems less important, but for some certain people, it is the most significant reason.
Then, do we have some effective resolutions to resolve or ease the traffic jams? In my opinion, in a short-term, the traffic jams cannot be resolved completely, but could be eased through advanced technology, effective policy, and traffic education. The government should implement some feasibility policies, operate scientific traffic system, study more creative and advanced facilities and transports. The Govt will have to permit private cars to lift the passengers to avoid huge traffic on roads. Private schools should use only light vehicles instead of big buses. The traffic police be allowed for checking only outside the cities instead of nearby cities.