End bloodshed in Kashmir

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Everyone in Kashmir seems to be asking one question. When would bloodshed end in Kashmir? The situation in the Valley is extremely volatile as the killings have become an order of the day.
People sitting in New Delhi seem to have decided that they have to enforce peace irrespective of the cost Kashmir has to pay for it. For Delhi military solution seems the only way out as the option of holding talks seems to have been shelved.
The central government appointing Dineshwar Sharma as its Special Representative to hold talks with the cross section of the society has failed to break the ice. He has not succeeded in roping the separatists nor does he seem inclined towards holding talks with the militant leadership. Sharma’s mandate is limited and he cannot cross the line.
After the recent operation against the militants in south Kashmir security agencies have started believing that situation would improve in coming days and there would be sharp decline in militancy related incidents in the southern districts of the Valley which have become the hotbed of militancy during the past years.
People who have been observing the Kashmir situation for years together are of the opinion that India should hold talks with Pakistan to end the bloodshed and prevailing uncertainty in the Valley. But people sitting in New Delhi have made it clear that no talks would be held with Pakistan till it stops supporting militants. People sitting in Pakistan are adamant on their stand. Both the nations remaining rigid has turned Kashmir into a battle field with its future being uncertain. Both the nations will have to sit and talk to end the bloodshed in Kashmir.