Crime Branch registers case against woman for forgery

Srinagar, Apr 5: Crime Branch Kashmir registered a case against Rifat Rashid for presenting a cheque bearing No.376997 dated 22.06.2017 at J&K Bank Branch Unit Hari-Singh High Street, Srinagar, along with pay-in-slip/transfer slip for transferring the proceeds thereof to her A/C No. SB-92541, the concerned official identified some correction in date and showing due prudence the official placed the said cheque on holder.
Realizing the account has not been credited to her account, the account holder Rifat Rashid approached the branch unit on 05.07.2017 and pleaded that she is an account holder of the branch unit since long and also endorsed on the back of the cheque “payment guaranteed”. Thereafter the cheque was honored. On 18.07.2017 an official of J&K Bank Branch Unit Qasba Hyhama informed the Bank (HSHS Sgr) that one Ab. Hamid bearing A/C NO. 0135040100002002 approached the Branch and informed that he has not issued cheque baring NO.376997 to anybody.
The said account holders as per a statement issued by Crime Branch approached the Hari-Singh High Street Branch in person and also submitted an application stating therein that he has not issued the said cheque to any body and that the actual/original leaf of the cheque is lying in cheque book. On minute perusal of cheque in question it appears that last digit of cheque has been erased and same has been replaced by digit (7), thereby accused Rifat Rashid committed forgery and succeeded in transferring the said amount to her account in a fraudulent and dishonest manner.
Investigation of the case has been taken up which is in progress.