BJP behaving like opposition to hide its ‘failures’?

BJP behaving like opposition to hide its ‘failures’?
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Mar 30: Bharatiya Janata Party seems in no mood to allow the coalition to function smoothly in Jammu and Kashmir. Raking up controversial issues for the saffron party seems to have become a routine.
Now, the BJP wants more districts for the Jammu region as the party believes that area of Jammu region is more than Kashmir. At present both the regions have 10 districts each and as such there is no disparity.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said that there something seriously wrong with the BJP leaders. “It seems they are working on a larger plan to trifurcate Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions. Their intentions are becoming clear with each passing day,” he said.
It’s in place to mention here that the BJP spokesperson Prof Virender Gupta has said that need of the hour is to create more districts in Jammu, Kathua and Udhampur. “In the state like Jammu and Kashmir which is already facing the menace of militancy supported and abetted by Pakistan and other forces, the government is required to properly address the genuine issues confronting the people of Jammu province, to keep them pacified,” he said in a statement.
The analyst said, “Sharma’s statement is a veiled threat to his own government. He means to say that if more districts are not created in Jammu region it can lead to trouble. What does it mean?”
He said, “Performance of the PDP-BJP coalition during the past three years has not been upto the mark. In fact it has been below par. The BJP supporters are up in arms against their own party. They are of the opinion that party has failed to deliver on the governance front and its ministers are busy enjoying the power.”
A Kashmir watcher said, “BJP leaders are raking up non-issues to hide their failures and nothing else. If they keep on raking up such issues it can pit Jammu against Kashmir and would invite more trouble for the present regime which is already grappling with number of issues.”
He said that BJP leaders should focus on governance and allow the present coalition to function smoothly. “It’s strange that off late BJP has started behaving like an opposition party despite it being a part of the government. It’s making the PDP’s job more difficult as the Kashmir based parties are leaving no opportunity to drive home a point that PDP joining hands with the BJP was big mistake,” he added.