Uncertainty has to end

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Delegates who attended the recent convention of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) in Srinagar were of the opinion that Kashmir needs to raise civic infrastructure and build institutional framework within tourism industry so that the benefits percolate to local economy and help common people.
The main point these delegates pointed out was that Kashmir has only a few five star hotels. It needs more five star hotels to accommodate high end tourists.
The delegates were of the opinion that limited number of five-star hotels in Kashmir is a lacuna that needs to be overcome. Kashmir needs more of them. What is the point of asking more airlines to fly to Srinagar when the starred hotel infrastructure is quite weak.
They seem to have missed a point that why the tourism sector has not grown in the Valley. Till 1990, Kashmir used to attract large number of tourists but the footfall declined soon after the eruption of militancy in the Valley. During the past 27-years many hotels have come up in Kashmir but these are not upto the mark.
The tourist inflow during the past three years has declined due to media projecting Kashmir as a “war zone.” Tourists get carried away by the propaganda which has been unleashed by a few news channels against Kashmir and Kashmiris.
The youth during the past three decades have not opted for a career in tourism industry as they know it very well that they cannot depend on this sector for their livelihood.
The uncertainty in Kashmir is the main reason for tourists staying away from the Valley. The day peace returns to Kashmir situation would change and we will see more and more tourists coming to Kashmir.