India, Pak ‘mutually’ agree to resolve issue of harassment of diplomats

India, Pak ‘mutually’ agree to resolve issue of harassment of diplomats
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New Delhi, Mar 30: India and Pakistan on Friday mutually agreed to resolve matters related to the treatment of diplomats and diplomatic premises, a press release of the Ministry of External Affairs said.
The two countries have decided to resolve the matter in line with the 1992 “Code of Conduct for the treatment of diplomatic/consular personnel in India and Pakistan”, the release added.
The pact laid down 12-point code of conduct regarding the way diplomats would be treated in the other country.
The diplomatic row had taken India-Pakistan ties to new low.
Earlier this month, India alleged mistreatment of its envoy in Pakistan and asked Islamabad to ensure safety and security of its officials working at the Indian mission in Islamabad.
In incidents of alleged harassment, one Indian diplomat going to a restaurant in Islamabad was “aggressively” followed by some people in a car. Four Indian diplomats travelling in an official vehicle on their way to a market were also tailed by two people on a motorcycle.
Pakistan also accused India of harassing its diplomats and released videos of alleged intimidation of its officials. It also called its High Commissioner to India back home for consultations on the issue.
However, the Indian government said that calling back envoys for consultations is a routine process and there is nothing unusual in this.