Foods that help lose weight

If you want to curb your appetite and stop sugar cravings, here’s what you need to add to your grocery list.Eggs: Eggs are full of protein and helps you stay full for a long duration. Not only this, protein helps prevent spikes in blood sugar, which leads to food cravings. A study on 30 overweight women found that those who ate eggs consumed less for the next 36 hours than those who survived on bagel or cornflakes as breakfast in the morning.Beans: You’ve probably heard of cholecsystokinin – it’s one of your best weight loss pals! Beans contain fibre that keeps your blood sugar level on check and keeps hunger pangs at bay. High fibre also helps lower your cholesterol.Salad: Do you tend to stuff yourself in between meals? You can con-trol your calorie intake by going in for salads in between your meals. According to researchers, by the look of the sheer volume of salad, you start feeling full. It also contains high levels of vitamin C and E, folic acid, lycopene and cartenoids which helps fight fat deposits in your body.Green tea: Caffeine is not a slimming ingredient. Antioxidants called cat-echins helps speed up your metabolism and fat burning process. Green tea contains antioxidants which boosts your metabolism and helps lose weight. It also leads to a considerable drop in your body mass index (BMI). It also helps lower your LDL cholesterol, which makes you put on weight.