Cold and sore throat this summer?


Although, it’s not snowing out-side and the weather is not chilly, you could still catch a common cold with you throat hurting terribly.Hay fever is a condition that shows similar signs as that of cold and is common dur-ing summer. The scorching heat makes it worse, as we wish to keep our body tem-peratures cool, to beat the heat. Here are few tips to get rid of this fever-like feeling.Avoid drinking very cold waterWe tend to drink very cold water as soon as we come indoors after staying out for long. This might give you immediate relief from the heat, but it harms your system severely. The body fails to main-tain a balance between the two extreme temperatures, and that’s when you get a sore throat. Mix normal and cold water, and drink the same sip by sip, instead of gulping it all at once. Also, make sure the proportion of cold water to that of normal is slightly less.Get rid of dustMake sure things around you are not dusty. Although dust is something we can’t avoid due to regular travel, get rid of it once you are back home. Dust your clothes and then put them in the laundry bag, similarly, wipe your bag, and every-thing that comes in contact with pollu-tion. Also, make sure your house is not dusty, since it might trigger the sneezing and coughing.Use slightly warm water to batheHaving a cold bath is quite relaxing, however, it suddenly cools off your body temperature, which can be harmful. Use slightly warm water while you start the shower and you can continue to a cooler shower after the body temperature is stable.Take a shower as soon as you come homeDo not stay sweaty and dirty; take a shower as soon as you come home. This helps you get rid of all the dust, dirt and germs you have been in contact with throughout the day. Sweat, if stays on your body for long, tends to dry and soak into your skin, along with its impuri-ties. A shower can help immensely.Shelve footwear and bagsDo not leave your footwear, bags, socks, or anything that you wear eve-ryday in the open to spread dirt and germs. Put your shoes into a rack as soon you step in since you can’t wash them every day, make a special place to store bags and put those socks in the laundry bag as soon you remove them. This helps in preventing the germs from spreading in the house.