People victim of misrule, mismanagement: G A Mir

Srinagar, Mar 29: The J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir Thursday met various delegations at Congress Party Headquarters, Srinagar, who briefed him about the grievances confronting them due to the misrule and mismanagement on the part of ruling dispensation.
The delegations from Sumbal, Sonawari, Gurezand Srinagar, who called on G.A. Mir apprised him aboutsocio political scenario obtaining in their respective Districts and urged that Govt has to chnge its policy towards the people, for the fact, people are being denied of their basic rights merely only political lines.
They also briefed the President about the problem confronting them due to misrule and mis-governance by the ruling dispensation saying that the ruling dispensation was not serious about the resolution of the problems confronting them.
Among other things, the delegations sought intervention of the President into the resolution of the issues, demanding creation of employment avenues, adequate supply of essentials, developmental works, which has come to standstill and many other local issues, which are not being addressed merely only political lines.
Speaking on the occasion G.A. Mir while expressing serious concern lashed out at State Govt for failing to come upto the expectations of the people, as that, only tall claims and false promises were being made to satisfy the people, but in reality, the misrule and mismanagement on the party of PDP BJP have added miseries to the people, he added and said mere paper work will not serve any purpose, Govt to has to act to address the genuine concerns of the people.
He cautioned the Ruling Dispensation of serious consequences in case, it doesn’t change its attitude towards people, as that, people are facing lot of hardships due to the misrule and mis-management, for which the ruling PDP BJP coalition will remain both accountable and answerable to them (People). (PTK)