India condemns missile attacks targeting Saudi Arabia

New Delhi: India has condemned the missile attacks targeting the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi government, one person was killed on Sunday in at least seven missiles intercepted from Yemen by Houthi militants backed by Iran.
The missiles had reportedly targeted four places, including the capital city of Riyadh and Khamis Mushait to the southwest of Saudi.
Responding to media queries, Raveesh Kumar the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) official spokesperson said on Wednesday, “We strongly condemn the renewed missile attacks targeting civilian areas in the direction of Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia. We are deeply concerned about the escalating situation threatening the lives of innocent civilians.”
The death of a civilian on Sunday was the first instance of loss of life in the kingdom since the Saudi-led coalition began aerial and ground military intervention in strife torn Yemen in early 2015 that have claimed thousands of lives in the last three years and displaced tens of thousands.
India, which enjoys good ties with countries in the region, including Iran and Saudi, is concerned about any possible escalation in the volatile Gulf situation. Some 8.5 million Indians in Gulf send back home an annual remittance of almost 62.7 billion dollars. Indians form the largest expatriate community in Saudi with 3.2 million diaspora members working and living in the kingdom.
“We reiterate our resolve to fight terrorism and violence in all its forms,” added Raveesh Kumar.