SVO has to act

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The role of the State Vigilance Organization has come under scanner as the Organization has failed to take more than 9000 corruption cases to its logical end.
According to the media reports officers of the anti-graft body have failed to complete the enquiries related to corruption.
When the PDP-BJP coalition took the reins of the state people at the helm announced that deadwood won’t be tolerated and the officials with the dubious track record would be shown the door. But the tall claims of the government have remained confined to papers only.
It takes years to complete the investigations or enquiries remain unresolved.
The complaints of corruption have been registered against the officials of the Revenue and Rehabilitation Department, Rural Development Department, Education Department Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department and many other departments.
Due to the tardy pace of the investigations, officials don’t fear SVO anymore. They know it very well that even if the SVO takes the cognizance of the complaint no action would be taken against them and enquiry would continue for years together. Most officials have started believing that SVO is a toothless tiger and they need not to worry.
The allegations are galore that political interference and influence of the powerful people has turned the SVO defunct.
Anti-graft body has to dispel the notion and act against the people against whom allegations have been leveled. If the organization fails to put its act together people would lose faith over it as they approach the SVO with lot of hope and believe that it would act against the officials who take system for a ride. The cases which are pending should be taken to their logical conclusion so that the notion about SVO being a toothless tiger is dispelled.