Omar comes out in support of Rahul in NCC C-certificate row

Srinagar, Mar 25 (UNI) Coming out in support of Congress President Rahul Gandhi over the NCC C-certificate row, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah asked if there no place for an honest answer in politics today or are they (politicians) expected to be liars.
“He said he didn’t know the details of the “C-certificate” which of course you would spin to mean he has no knowledge of NCC. Is there no place for an honest answer in politics today or are we all expected to be liars?” Mr Abdullah, who is the working president of National Conference (NC), wrote on micro-blogging site twitter.
Meanwhile, reacting to an NCC cadet’s comment that NCC was the second line of defence, Mr Abdullah said ‘young lady it is not the second line of defence, not by a long shot’.
“Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and please don’t let self-serving politicians use your uniform for their own battles,” he said.
The NC working president was reacting to a comment by an NCC cadet, which read, “Surprised he doesn’t have details of NCC. It isn’t “other stuff”. It’s 2nd line of defence. Hope Rahul Gandhi learns about it. It’s important for leader to know about it.”
Gandhi landed in hot water after admitting that he doesn’t know ’hat type of stuff’ while answering a question by an NCC cadet at an interaction session with students in Karnataka’s Mysuru.