Process falling at place

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The newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir have been awaiting categorization for the past many months. Finance Minister Altaf Bukhari has assured the Kashmir Editors Guild that the categorization of the newspapers would be finalized within 2 months. The revised advertisement rates notified vide Government Order No: 48-ID of 2017 dated: 23.11.2017 would come into effect from 1 January 2018 till the categorization of newspapers is notified.
It’s a welcome decision that new rates will be applicable from Jan 1, 2018 onwards. This would help the newspaper owners to plan up their activities in a better way. During the past few years print media in Jammu and Kashmir has been at the receiving end as the Information department has been trying to revamp its functioning. During the past one year it has taken vital steps to revive the department like online distribution of advertisements and other measures. All these steps have been taken to ensure transparency and accountability.
During the past few years many newspapers have disappeared from the scene due to Information department making the distribution of advertisement a transparent process.
After teething problems process started by the Information department is falling at place and it looks like that ultimately things will work out for a good. The Jammu and Kashmir government needs to bear in mind that besides journalists there are many people associated with print media in J&K and hundreds of families are dependent on this sector. One hopes that people at the helm would consider these facts and ensure that media organizations operational in J&K continue to provide employment to people and keep them engaged.