They deserve better deal

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The Jammu and Kashmir policemen who have been at the forefront of fighting militancy in the state have sought 10% hike in the hardship allowance.
There is no doubt about the fact that J&K policemen have to work against all the odds. Besides they are the part of the same society and have to live in the Valley.
The personnel of central forces who are deployed in Kashmir get all the facilities and get extra allowances for serving in the conflict zone. On the other hand J&K policemen don’t get the same benefits.
Many policemen believe that during the recent years cops have become the soft targets for the militants and intensity of attacks on them has increased manifolds since 2016. The police believe it has done enough to curb the protest demonstrations to deserve a raise from 10 per cent to 20 percent in the allowance.
J&K Police have gone out of their way to control the “mass agitations in Kashmir” it has created a tough situation for the cops. The families of the policemen are targeted in order to isolate them within the society.
The J&K police also feel that members of paramilitary forces like CRPF receive a much higher hardship allowance than its men. The J&K police have been at the forefront of tackling angry protesters and have been working equally with the paramilitary forces.
Militants in 2017 attacked the house of policemen in rural areas and tried to intimidate them to tender their resignation. The J&K policemen believe that they deserve a better deal for putting their lives as well as the lives of their family members at risk.