5 healthy reasons to eat mangoes

Aids digestion: Mangoes contain several enzymes that help in breaking down protein. This is the reason people eat mangoes af-ter a hearty meal. The fibrous content of the fruit along with vitamins, minerals and probi-otic dietary fibre help digest food easily.Helps in diabetes: The fruit also contains a surprisingly low gly-cemic index (41-60), thus eating it in moderate quantities will not suddenly elevate your sug-ar levels.Lowers cholesterol: The fiber, Vitamin C and pec-tin in mangoes helps lower serum cholesterol lev-els, especially the harmful Low-Density Lipopro-tein commonly known as bad cholesterol.Good for eyes: The high content of vitamin A found in Mangoes is great for eyes since the vitamin can help prevent night blindness and dry eyes. A cupful of the fruit supplies 25 percent of the daily need of vitamin A.Aphrodisiac: Besides having high vitamin E which is a mild form of aphrodisiac, mangoes also have compounds that act like the hor-mone estrogen and thus has an aphrodisiac effect for both men and women.