Police clarifies after Basant Rath tweets about vehicle towing

Srinagar, Mar 22, CNS: Traffic cops on the directions of IG Traffic Jammu Kashmir lifted the vehicle belonging to police station Kothi Bagh.

The police vehicle belonging to Police Station Kothi Bagh was towed away by traffic cops for wrong parking.

People present on the spot were shocked as well as amused at the sight. “Today I realized Basant Rath means business. It will send a positive signal. The minnows will realize now that they stand nowhere when this officer doesn’t spare their own men,” said a commuter.

Meanwhile, Basant Rath took to social media posting the picture of the towed police vehicle with a caption: “Equality before law, ladies and gentlemen.”

When asked whether they towed the police vehicle, IG Traffic Basant Rath replied in affirmation and told CNS that they have challaned the vehicle.

Meanwhile, police clarified that traffic police did not lift any of their vehicles instead they had requested the said department to arrange a crane for a vehicle after it developed some technical snag.

IG Traffic Basant Rath shared the news with photograph on his facebook and Twitter accounts.

Police said that there was a breakdown of the vehicle which belongs to the SHO Kothi Bagh and they had requested the Traffic Department for a crane.

“The said vehicle has not violated any norms or rules,” said a police official. He added that P/S Kothi Bagh has got the vehicle back and there was no chalaan. (CNS)