Cheating through Facebook:

Cheating through Facebook:

Crime Branch registers case against unknown lady

Srinagar, Mar 22, CNS: Crime Branch Kashmir registered a case against unknown lady from a random Facebook, who projected herself to be German citizen working in some private sector, informed the complainant Mushtaq Mahajan of Upper Soura Srinagar, that she intends to visit Kashmir during her vacations.

After some time she again called the complainant, that she is at Delhi Airport and that her goods have been retained by Customer Officer for clearance of custom.

The caller lady asked the complainant to transfer Rs. 108000 for custom clearance.

The complainant transferred an amount of Rs. 108000 through RTGS in Bank account provide by the caller lady. Latter on the said caller did not respond to calls of complainant, thereby cheated the complainant and duped of an amount of Rs. 108000.