5 health benefits of tomatoes

Do you cringe every time you are asked to have tomato soup? Well, tomatoes are filled with nutrients and antioxidants that help combat several dis-eases as well as keep your health in good shape.Improves vision: Vitamin A, present in tomatoes, helps to improve your eyesight as well as prevent night-blind-ness and macular degenera-tion.Helps fight cancer: Accord-ing to studies, tomatoes contain large amounts of the antioxidant lycopene, that is effective in lowering the risk of cancer, especially lung, stomach and prostrate cancers.Maintaining blood health: Re-search suggests that a single tomato can provide about 40% of the daily vitamin C require-ment and also contains vitamin A, potassium, and iron that is es-sential for maintaining normal blood health. Vitamin K, which is controls bleeding and blood clotting, tomatoes help in blood circulation.Reduces risk of heart disease: The lycopene in tomatoes can protect you against car-diovascular diseases. Con-suming tomatoes regularly helps decrease the levels of cholesterol and triglycer-ide in the blood, reducing the deposition of fats in the blood vessels.Good for digestion: Eat-ing tomatoes daily can keep your digestive system healthy as it prevents both, constipation and diarrhoea. It also prevents jaundice and ef-fectively removes toxins from the body.