Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe under fire over Kindergarten land deal

Tokyo: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has once again come under fire regarding the cronyism and document tampering scandal on Monday.
Certain specific groups across Japan staged multiple protests demanding the resignation of Abe for his wife Akie Abe’s alleged involvement in a kindergarten scandal.
Abe on Monday accepted the blame for the scandal which involved the tampering of certain official documents.
As per the Straits Times, Abe said that his superiors had told him to change certain background section of official documents Osaka land sale as they were supposedly too specific. He also said that he did not act alone but along with the instructions given by Finance Ministry.
“The ultimate responsibility lies with me as the head of the administrative branch. I would like to apologize once again,” Abe told Parliament. “We take seriously the fact that this is a situation that has shaken public confidence in the entire administration.”
Japan’s Finance Ministry admitted last week that 14 documents about the Kindergarten land deal were found to be tampered with and the land was sold with the help of the Prime Minister’s wife at lower rates.
Further on Monday another set of papers surfaced which showed a range of price negotiations done in regard to the dubious land deal which had been removed from the papers submitted to the parliament earlier.
In response to it, Abe denied of being involved in the forgeries conducted and said he ‘had no clue of the documents’ existence to begin with.