Bomb hoax emails sent to hundreds of schools in England

London: Over 400 schools in England were on Monday targeted with bomb hoax emails that claimed a device would be detonated on the grounds unless online payments were made to an address.
Scotland Yard said the “malicious communications” were under investigation but ruled out any threat to life.
“These are currently being treated as hoaxes. At this stage there is no evidence to suggest that this is terror-related,” the Metropolitan Police said.
Schools in London, Manchester, Northumbria and North Yorkshire were among those that received the email, which demanded 5,000 USD and warned against calling the police.
A number of schools were evacuated while the threat level was assessed before resuming normal routine.
“We have spoken to all schools which have contacted us, reassured them that there is no need to evacuate and offered them security advice,” said Detective Superintendent Tony Cockerill from Humberside Police, which received reports of 19 schools being targeted by the hoax emails.