Need to change Congress, break wall between our leaders, workers: Rahul


New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday called for bringing a change in the Congress party and emphasised on breaking barriers between party’s senior leaders and workers.
Addressing the 84th Congress Plenary Session in New Delhi, Rahul said, “We have to change Congress. There is a wall between our leaders and workers. My first task will be to break that wall. I will consult senior leaders to destroy that wall with love.”
Congress president also came down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and compared the Bharatiya Janata Party to Kauravas.
He said, “Centuries ago, there was a huge battle on the field of Kurukshetra. The Kauravas were powerful and arrogant. The Pandavas were humble and fought for the truth. Like the Kauravas, BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are designed to fight for power. Like the Pandavas, Congress is designed to fight for the truth.”
Congress president further said that in the present day scenario, the corrupt are the powerful and are thriving.
“Today the corrupt and powerful control the conversation in our country. Will India live a lie or will India have the courage to face the truth,” he asked.
Lashing out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his silence on real issues, Rahul said, “The PM diverts our attention and jumps from one event to another from Gabbar Singh tax to yoga in Parliament but never talks about the issues. But, the Congress cannot be stopped from seeking the truth and justice.”
Congress president also slammed the BJP-led NDA government over recent scams like PNB fraud and said, “What does Modi actually mean? The name Modi symbolises the collusion between India’s biggest crony capitalists and the prime minister of India.”
“You can steal Rs 33,000 crore from the banks and the BJP government will protect you. Finance Minister will go silent because he and his daughter work for crony capitalists,” he added.
However, Rahul also admitted of disappointing the masses, the last time the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) was in power.
“I don’t say it with happiness but the last government we formed did not stand up to the expectations of the people. The people of the country were let down by us,” he said.
Hitting out at the Prime Minister over demonetisation, Congress chief said, “If we make mistakes, we accept. Prime Minister decided to demonetise Rs 500, Rs 1000 notes. But he did not accept that it was a mistake. If we would have done that mistake, we would have accepted and rectified. Modi ji thinks he is not human but an incarnation of God.”
While taking a jibe at the RSS, he said, “They tell Muslims of India who never went to Pakistan and supported this great nation that you don’t belong here. They tell the Tamils ‘change your beautiful language.’ They tell people of northeast ‘we don’t like what you eat.’ They told Gauri Lankesh and Kalburgi to shut up or you’ll be killed. They tell women to wear the right clothes or’ you’ll be thrashed’.”
The Congress Party’s plenary session is being held in New Delhi from March 17-18.