PDP recognizes youth as guiding factor: Peerzada Mansoor

Srinagar, Mar 18: Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday reiterated its commitment to accord youth the impeccable dignity in society and take them out of the squalid and tragic conditions they were compelled to live in by the previous government.
Party’s General Secretary Peerzada Mansoor Hussain while addressing a party convention at Srinagar’s Batamaloo stated that the present government is taking all the requisite measures indispensable to rebuild peoples’ faith in the institutions of justice and fair play and strengthen their belief in the government and its pro-people policies.
He said that Kashmir’s young generation will have the prosperous and dignified future once they realise their potential to work for rebuilding the state which witnessed the uncertain times since decades. Mansoor asked the youth to strive for their rights within the system so that they would be able to scan the new horizons of prosperity and tranquillity in their future endeavours. “Sky would be the limit if you seek your rights within the system and equip yourselves with invisible determination and courage to strength the society and shine in your careers,” Mansoor asked youth.
The PDP leader said contrary to opposition’s misplaced euphoria, the people of the state, especially youth are heaving a major sigh of relief at present from the archaic rule, mis-governance and institutionalized corruption of the past regime.
He added that the PDP since forming the government in the state has been striving in the forefront to eradicate the mis-governance which used to be the hallmark of the previous government in Jammu and Kashmir. “The party that has the history of unleashing terror in Kashmir has now scandalously become a peace dove to hoodwink the masses. The fact, however remains that the people of the state have rejected the politics of deceit and deception and are now witnessing the felicity of liberty and good governance,” Mansoor said.
He maintained that the daily wagers in thousands are witness to the government’s sincere efforts to ensure betterment in their lives. He added that the same daily wagers who were tortured, ridiculed and even jailed by the previous government are now relieved for their woes have been addressed and issues amicably resolved.
Mansoor added that the recruitment agencies such as JKPSC and JKSSRB were made defunct by the past regime in the state with a deliberate attempt to alienate the educated youth of the state and push them towards the wall. “It is a known fact that there were more than one lakh posts vacant during the tenure of the previous regime and it is the present government that has fast tracked the recruitment processes all across in a bid to accord the rightful positions to the youth of the state” Mansoor said in his address.
He maintained further that the state government employees who used to be treated as the ruthless criminals on the streets in past regime for seeking their due rights can bear the testimony to the fact that the present government respects their honor and dignity. “From the implementation of the 7th pay commission to the timely disbursement of their allowances, the dilatory mode of functioning is now a thing of past,” PDP General Secretary stated in his address.
He added that the PDP founder Mufti Mohammad Sayeed stood up against all odds to secure a better tomorrow for state’s younger generation. “It is the youth who have guided the PDP to shun the path of comfort and not to substitute words for actions. They taught us to reach into the future and yet never neglect the past. The party every day takes pledge to fight for the betterment of youth and the recent measures taken by the government only vindicate our stand,” Mansoor said.
Mansoor stated that the previous government in the state was considered by one and all as a statue placed on the citadel with the crown of thorns over its head and its promised changes lying around like dry dead flowers. “The uncertain times the people have witnessed is the legacy of the past mistakes committed by the elders of the same leadership that in opposition is trying to pose itself as peoples’ saviour at present. However, the doom of the politics of deceit is nearing closer with each passing day,” Mansoor said.
On Sunday a party convention was held in Srinagar’s Batamalo area and was attended by scores of people, party workers and functionaries.
The convention was also addressed by several other PDP leaders including Education and Finance Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari, MLA Batamaloo Noor Mohammad, MLC and PDP’s Srinagar District President Mohammad Khurshid Alam and several others.
Senior PDP leader and VC Handicrafts Ali Mohammad, Abdul Hamid Kosheen, PDP youth secretary Arif Laigroo and PDP youth leader Majid Khan were present on the occasion.