Drabu’s unceremonious exit

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The unceremonious exit of the senior PDP leader and Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu from the state cabinet has raised many questions.
Drabu’s statement that Kashmir is a social issue and not a political one evoked sharp reaction from the separatists and the opposition parties. It looks like that Drabu was sacked to send a message that PDP’s ideology is unchanged and it has made no compromise by entering into an alliance with the BJP.
Haseeb Drabu was the PDP’s pointman, who held negotiations with the BJP to stitch the alliance. He was seen more as a BJP man in the PDP. He is the one who acted as a bridge between the two parties during the past three years.
PDP by removing him has send a clear message to the people that party continues to stick to its ideology vis-à-vis Kashmir and the persons who stitched the alliance with the BJP has been sacked. Many people see it as an attempt to woo the voters and address its constituency in Kashmir.
Since the day Drabu has been ousted speculations are rife that BJP-PDP alliance may not continue for a longtime and it would end abruptly. Drabu has made it clear that he entered into negotiations with the PDP after seeking prior approval from late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and party President Mehbooba Mufti.
He wanted to make it clear that he didn’t take any decision at his own level and all the decisions were taken by the PDP collectively.
Drabu’s ouster from the state cabinet has paved the way for others to step in but the point is whether the PDP leadership wants to remain close to BJP or just wants to stay away to ensure that it regains the ground which it has lost.