News Analysis: India-Pak war of words escalates, reconciliation distant dream

News Analysis:  India-Pak war of words escalates, reconciliation distant dream
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Mar 16: Army Chief Bipin Rawat has made it clear that “ceasing of hostilities between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control in J&K must be on Indian terms,” on the other hand Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that there are no chances of relations between the two countries improving in the near future.
An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “It looks like that hostilities between India and Pakistan would never end and the war of words and tension on borders would continue to prevail.”
He said the Army Chief is of the opinion that Army has managed to build the pressure on the Pakistan side by attacking its forward posts and by keeping it busy on the borders and the LoC.
“India is violating ceasefire agreement time and again on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary. In such circumstances we are not expecting improvement in relations between the two countries,” Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawja Asif was quoted as saying by state-run Radio Pakistan.
“Pakistani forces are feeling the pain of Indian Army’s offensive along the border,” the Army Chief Bipin Rawat said.
In a significant development Pakistan on Thursday called its High Commissioner in India Sohail Mahmood for consultations after repeated incidents of “harassment” of its diplomatic staff in New Delhi.
The Pakistan Foreign Ministry is claiming that the staff and their families have been facing “harassment, intimidation and outright violence” from agencies in the recent weeks.
An observer said, “As the situation is unfurling it’s clear that India and Pakistan are far away from each other. The brunt of hostilities between the two countries has to be borne by the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The escalating tensions between the two countries are a matter of concern. It means that situation in J&K would deteriorate further.”
He said, “It has been observed in the past that whenever India and Pakistan have decided to fight it out the ripple effects of it have been felt in J&K. People living near the LoC and the International Borders have been demanding that they should be settled in plains as they don’t want to put their lives at risk.”
A Kashmir watcher said, “Army Chief’s statement is a clear warning to Pakistanthat Indian Army is no mood to compromise and it would carry on with its actions till Pakistan agrees to come on the negotiating table that too on the terms and conditions set by New Delhi.”
He said, “The situation on borders is volatile and a small spark can trigger a big fire. Both the sides are not even ready to budge an inch from their respective stands.”