Another scandal

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The alleged misappropriation of funds in the salary of the employees of the Health department in Budgam block has once again set the cat among the pigeons.
The alleged scandal has brought to fore how the top officials can misuse their official positions and then feign ignorance about the entire issue.
The Health Minister should take a serious note of the discrepancy and act against those officials who withdrew the salaries of the employees from the state ex-chequer and did not deposit it into their accounts. A hig level probe should be ordered to ascertain that how much money was swindled and who all were involved in the salary scam.
The internal inquiry won’t help anyone’s cause. If the government wants to send a message to the officials who indulge in such acts then it would have to act tough and drive home a point that such corrupt practices cannot be tolerated. The officials involved in this scam should be identified and punished. It’s amazing that employees, including doctors, paramedics and others have been without their salaries for the past two months. The salaries of these employees should be released and he people who have swindled their salaries should be taken to task.
The Chief Medical Officer, who is at the helm of affairs, passing the buck is a strange assertion. He is saying that money has been swindled but he is not aware about the exact amount. The CMO should know what he is talking about. As the head of the entire block what’s happening under his very nose. He cannot simply pass the buck.