Foods that are bad for your teeth

There are some foods that are especially harmful for your teeth and hav-ing these can lead to several problems. Most of the foods that are mentioned on our list are common everyday foods that we consume without a thought. Dr Mukul Dabholkar, cosmet-ic dentist says, “Some foods can cause enamel erosion that could lead to increased teeth sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet and sour. Of course, these days you can suppress teeth sensitivity with certain toothpastes. But if your enamel damage worsens, the teeth become porous over a period of time and you develop cavity. You then need root canals and caps on them.”The fact that once our teeth are damaged, no medicine can bring back them to their natural healthy state, is what is scary when it comes to tooth problems. Aesthetic dentist Dr Karishma Jaradi says that since one cannot stop eating these foods, it is essential that one should brush their teeth and rinse mouth thoroughly after eating them. Using a floss to remove remanents of food from between your teeth is recommended. Visiting your dentist regularly can control the damage done to your teeth because they can be saved from further harm. Dr Dabholkar says, “The main principle to protect your teeth is that sugar should stay in your mouth as briefly as possible.”Candies, caramel, long-lasting sweetsSince hard candies stick and cling tenaciously to the surfaces of your teeth and also take a long time to dissolve, it is very harmful. Dr Dabhol-kar warns, “Hard sweets might probably crack a tooth when you bite into them.” Dr Jaradi adds, “It isn’t the amount of sugar taken which is d a m a g i n g but how often the intake is.”Acidic foodsIf you thought sucking on lemon wedges is a home-remedy for tooth whit-ening then you need to rethink, says Dr Dabholkar, because it is very harmful. He suggests that after eating oranges, lemons, tomatoes and grapefruit, teeth should be rinsed thoroughly.Chewable pillsThere are chewable vitamin tablets that have concentrated acids which harm teeth as they clings to them. Even health drinks and vitamin wa-ters are bad for dental health.Starchy foodsWe tend to consume a lot of junk, starchy food without knowing the after-effects. Potato chips, white bread, pizza, pasta and burgers can easily get lodged between teeth and in the crevices between two teeth. Agreed they are not sweet nor sugary but the starch in these foods soon begin convert-ing into sugar almost immediately because of the predigestive process that begins in our mouths.