Don’t cross the line

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Sacking of the Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu from the state cabinet is a clear message to the leaders of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party that they cannot cross the line to appease New Delhi.
It’s a message to its coalition ally BJP also that PDP has not abandoned its ideology after joining hands with the saffron party.
Drabu has accepted the PDP’s decision but has said that party should have given a chance to him to explain his position rather than taking the decision in a hurry.
For time being the move has silenced the critics who were blaming PDP of giving up its slogan of “Self Rule” and surrendering before New Delhi.
It seems PDP has realized that its credibility has been eroded after joining hands with the saffron party. Now it wants to regain the hold in its bastions. Sacking Drabu could just be a beginning as there are many people within the PDP who during the past three years have developed close proximity with the BJP leaders and are trying to create a notion that Kashmir is no issue. Some of them have even told them that violence is a temporary phase and it would pass off eventually.
The Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti by putting her foot down has made it clear that she wants PDP to remain alive and would continue to strive for its political ideology come what may. Many people in Delhi believe that in absence of Drabu things will change as he was the main point man between the BJP and PDP. Now only time will tell whether Drabu’s absence would pinch BJP r it would be business as usual.