Seminar on ‘Kashmir Conflict’ held at Bandipora

Political analysts, civil society members participate

Bandipora, Mar 14: A seminar was Wednesday held in Space Age Higher Secondary School Kaloosa here in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district tilted ‘Kashmir Conflict and Impact on Youth and The Way Forward’.
The seminar was organised by ‘Aash’, a Kashmir based independent NGO to create awareness about the
The seminar was attended by people from different walks of life including the academics, Political Analysts, and members of civil society including Eminent-writer, Poet and Political Activist Prof Ismail Ashna, Political Activist Sameer Iqbal Bhat who spoke on the occasion.
The seminar was also attended by Scores of students of Space age and Mehboob ul Alam School.
Speaking on this Occasion, Eminent-writer, Poet and Political Activist Prof Ismail Ashna said that Kashmir is internationally accepted dispute and there is no doubt we are living in disputed area.
He said that it is fact and India should respect and accept this Reality. It is disputed region that is why Conflict exists, if there had been no dispute, then there would have no conflict.
“We are all suffering, affected due to this conflict,” he added.
He said “we are living in such a Zone that when a son leaves from home for some sort of work, his parents didn’t know whether their son will come back or not. We have so many examples that youth who went for some from their homes and never returned back, Prof said. We respect 121 core population of India, but they should accept Kashmir is disputed region. If the Kashmir dispute is not resolved soon, there will be another Indo-Pak war.”
He said dialogue between the two countries is the only way to resolve this long pending dispute.
Prof said until the Kashmir dispute is not resolved, peace in this region is not possible. Kashmir issue should be resolved as per aspirations of Kashmiri people. All dialogues on Kashmir are meaningless without the participation of Kashmiris. The Indian government should realise that Kashmir is a core issue, he added.
Stressing the need for solution of the Kashmir another Prominent Political activist Sameer Bhat said that Kashmir is political dispute which needs to be resolved politically. Sameer said that Both India and Pakistan keeping in view the miseries of Kashmiri people should initiative unconditional and comprehensive dialogue to settle all once for all. As both countries to prosper and to develop at the same rate at which other great nations are developing need to settle all their issues including Kashmir issue which is the mother of all issues. Youth needs to play a positive role in this and need to stress for political solution, he added.
The speakers who spoke on that occasion said that since every man, woman and child in Kashmir is suffering and the youth have especially been victimized. Speakers said that the youth of Kashmir who have been at the forefront and were the worst victims of every policy. The demand of people of Kashmir is based on principles they added. (KNS)