Alarming figures

Alarming figures
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The assertion of the Ministry of Home Affairs that Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed 60 incidents of violence in the first two and a half months of 2018 is not good news.
As many as 60 incidents of violence have taken place in Jammu and Kashmir this year in which 15 forces personnel and 17 militants were killed, the union home ministry informed the Lok Sabha.
The security agencies ad army have already predicted that 2018 could witness more violence and summer could be hot in Kashmir. People associated with the Tourism industry in Kashmir have kept their fingers crossed.
Army officials have said that more than 400 militants are waiting across the Line of Control and are likely to make more bids to cross over as soon as the snow melts.
The violence levels within the state and on the borders have increased since the day India and Pakistan have stopped talking to each other. In absence of dialogue between the two countries India and Pakistan are trading fire on borders and ceasefire violations have become a routine.
Number of militancy related incidents have increased manifolds which have also led to Cordon and Search Operations becoming a routine especially in south Kashmir.
Violence levels will keep on increasing if the India and Pakistan don’t start talking to each other and give peace a chance. The year 2018 is crucial for Pakistan as general elections in Pakistan are slated for this year, while 2019 is crucial for India as the parliamentary elections would be held in India in that year.
Political leaders need to talk to each other to restart the process rather than playing politics over Kashmir for electoral gains.