RTI activist turns journalist Youth assault media crew for ‘harassing’ Rohingyas


Jammu, Mar 13: Reporters from two Mumbai based news channels were allegedly assaulted by a group of locals at Kiryali Talab area of Jammu when they tried to enter into Rohingya Colony there.
Reports said that a lesser known RTI activist Rohit Chowdhary has filed an application under Right to Information Act seeking details from the government about the number of cell phones being used by Rohingyas living in Jammu.
Reports added that Republic TV and News X Bureau Chiefs Tajinder Singh Sodhi and Ajay Jandyal along with their video cameramen arrived at Rohingya settlement while ironically the RTI activist Rohit Chowdhary was also accompanying them.
“We had arrived to know the details about the number of cell phones being used by Rohingyas who are living illegally in Jammu. Before we could start our investigation, a group of youth alighted from a vehicle and started assaulting us. They used iron rods and their intention was to kill us. Even, RTI activist accompanying us was thrashed,” Sodhi later on told reporters outside police station Trikuta Nagar.
A police official said that they are investigating the matter as couple of media men has registered a complaint against the assailants.
Ironically, majority of the facebook pages run from Jammu claimed that the attack was carried out by Rohingya youth, assertions refuted by local police.
“Preliminary investigation shows that those who confronted these media men are also locals and we are investigating the case. Strict action will be taken against rumour mongers,” said a police official on condition of anonymity.
Sources said that a couple of youth chased away media crew from Rohingya colony after they accused them of harassment and distortion of facts while presenting their reports about Rohingyas.
“These media people are doing stories against us. They are in search of something that will suit them and their communal and unethical channels. They ask disturbing questions to us on camera and even use hidden cameras to shoot our settlements,” said a young Rohingya after the incident.
“Not a single Rohingya touched any reporter or cameramen,” he added.
“We are living peacefully here but these channel men want to run a hatred campaign against us. Their concocted and distorted reports put us at risk. They are not media men but elements inimical to peace,” said a group of Rohingyas adding that Journalist need to accompany any RTI activist during their duty and it shows what their intention was to arrive here in our colony.
Pertinently, the channels in question are known for running vicious campaign against Rohingyas. They have earned a bad name on social media while majority of netizens particularly in Kashmir are describing these channels as TRP hungry. (CNS)