Talks with Pakistan only solution to Kashmir issue: Hakim Yasin

Srinagar, Mar 12: Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin Monday said that cosmetic steps taken by successive state and centre governments to bring peace in the state have yielded no results as those were always half hearted attempts.
Talking to a news agency Yasin said that government is failed to control situation in Kashmir valley because of that encounters are seen every day. He added that killings are now a routine.
Yasin said that forces always tried to kill common Kashmiri. He added that PDP-BJP failed to understand the sentiments of people. He further added that issues cannot be resolved by giving formula, but by implementing the formula on the ground. He added that the killings innocent people everyday reveals everything about PDP, BJP government.
He added that the statement of Haseeb Drabu that Kashmir is not a political issue is incorrect, misleading of history.
He further added that if Kashmir is not a political issue then why AFSPA and then why 7 lakh forces are in Kashmir. He added that how will government resolve Kashmir issue without talking to Pakistan. “The two countries have to talk to each other”, he said. He added that there is only one solution to the Kashmir issue is to talk with Pakistan and solve Kashmir issue as soon as possible. He said that dialogue with Pakistan is necessary if they want to end bloodshed in Kashmir valley. (PTK)