Why you should switch over to brown rice

Considered a healthy alternative, brown rice is nutritious and comes with the properties that burn caloriesWhile parboiled rice in addition to the white rice has been finding its use in Indian food since ages, the health conscious in India is now slowly inching towards exploring the health benefits associ-ated with brown rice.One thing that makes brown rice score a brownie point is the sweet after taste that it leaves on your palate after you savour it. Not to mention the fibre rich prperties. But replacing the white rice with the brown rice takes sometime till one gets used to the aroma, flavour and taste.Here’s what can be tried with brown rice:- If you feel the regular brown rice takes much time to cook and needs to be soaked for a while, try the long grained brown rice which equally tastes good.- Kheer with brown rice won’t be a bad idea at all.- Replacing the parboiled rice with brown rice while making dosa or uttappam, will also yield good results.- One can also try making the curd rice using brown rice. It will make for a delectable treat. And it would add a dash of variety too.- Try experimenting. This will give you an idea of making the best use of brown rice at home.