PDP appeals Govt to waive off artisans’ loan


Srinagar, Mar 12: The Peoples Democratic Party on Monday appealed the government to waive off the loans of the Kashmiri artisans who have been reeling under the uncertain times and finding it hard to earn livelihood for their families.
A delegation of Kashmiri artisans led by their president Riyaz Ahmad Shah on Monday met the PDP’s Srinagar district president and Upper House Member Mohammad Khurshid Alam at the party headquarters here and raised the issues pertaining to the artisans of Kashmir Valley. The delegation stated that after the catastrophic floods of the year 2014, the community has been reeling under deep crises and that the Artisan Credit Card Holders (ACCHs) have been striving to repay their loans.
They added that their business continue to incur heavy losses since the 2014 floods as it damaged their massive the infrastructure in their workshops- leaving thousands of families in distress and without livelihood.
The delegation added that there are thousands of artisans in Kashmir Valley who are finding it a herculean task to earn two square meals a day for their families and that the bank loan has crushed them in a dreadful way. They added that the bank authorities are threatening them to pay instalments, denying then the right to even narrate their plight and tales of the heavy losses.
Listening to the issues put forth by the artisans, the PDP’s Srinagar district president assured them of all help from the present state government.
Alam also underscored the need to mitigate the aggrieved artisan community of Kashmir, appealing the chief minister to intervene into the matter. The PDP leader stated that similar to Kisaan Credit Loan that was waived off by the government post 2014 floods, waiving off the debts of Artisan Credit Card Holders (ACCHs) would help in alleviating the load off the back of the incapacitated artisans who have been fighting for the waiver since the devastating floods of 2014.
Stressing the crucial role that artisans play in trade, tourism and business of Jammu and Kashmir, Alam said the government should view the issue on humanitarian ground so that the artisans are relived from the heavy load of loan and its bank interest. He also assured the delegation that he will take up the matter with the chief minister in order to ease their burden. “I can assure you that the chief minister is striving to end the sufferings of the people of the state and upliftment of the artisan community is government’s priority,” Alam said. (PTK)