J&K facing darkest period of its history: Congress

Srinagar, Mar 12: Senior Congress leader Mohinder Bhardwaj has said that the sensitive state of Jammu and Kashmir is facing the darkest period of its history with vertically split regions and society, on religion and caste lines, facing the ignominy of poor governance and utter neglect that flows from the so called strong BJP-led Government at the Centre to its participated state government.
Addressing a gathering of people of this village and adjoining areas near the International border, he said the pitiable condition of border villages and their inhabitants is an index of what the BJP and its run governments have done to the people and the country. Even after four years of Narendra Modi Government at the centre and three years of BJP-PDP dispensation in J&K the people of borders areas are yet to receive the much promised relief measures that included inhabitations in safe zones and proper education and health facilities for them during the days of unprovoked Pakistan firing.
Bhardwaj lambasted Modi and state BJP leaders for spreading lies in the name of nationalism and patriotism. Apart from taking the enemy head-on patriotism and nationalism also means that the saffron party and its run governments should truly serve the people in distress and not make false promises to them, which has become order of the day. “In raising passions through invoking feelings of patriotism has become a handy tool in the hands of BJP leaders to divert attention from their governments’ failure on all fronts including dealing with external dangers,” he observed.
He reminded that it was the Congress government headed by Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad that had formulated a plan for allotment of five marla plots in safe zones to people living along International Border and LoC where they could live or shift during Pak firing. Neither Modi Government nor Mehbooba dispensation has moved a step forward in this direction. “Where are the much promised safe bunkers and emergency health facilities for these areas as promised time and again by both the Centre and the state,? he asked.
Bhardwaj cautioned people against the diabolical plans of the BJP leadership to create poll-eve hysteria by raising issues such as ‘desh bhkati and Ram Mandir’ and create communal tension for petty electoral gains. “How come that the BJP leaders are suddenly reminded of Ram Temple whenever the elections come,” he further asked adding. “ Only Congress with its overall policy of tolerance and respect for all can safeguard this country and the state”.
He expressed anguish on the BJP-PDP government taking people of Jammu region for a ride after they gave them, particularly BJP, overwhelming support during last Assembly elections. “The BJP Ministers, both state and central, legislators and other leaders are shockingly playing a second fiddle to PDP and on crucial occasions sacrificed Jammu’s interests contrary to their claims at that time of elections to get the region its due,” he said.
Bhardwaj ruled that despite tall claims of BJP Ministers and legislators, the borders areas in particular are suffering due to lack of infrastructural development. The roads and irrigation canal network are in a shocking condition with no new works taking place. People are not getting benefits of social welfare schemes such as old age and widow pension despite Centre and the state governments claiming credit for non-existent achievements. (PTK)