Drabu’s statement on Kashmir insult to Genius of Kashmiris: Soz

Srinagar, Mar 12: Demanding unconditional apology publicly from Dr Haseeb Drabu for his statement that Kashmir was not a political issue, former union minister and senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz said the statement was insult to the genius of Kashmiris.
It was in utter disregard to ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) position, Prof Soz said in a statement on Monday afternoon.
‘Haseeb Drabu can at best be pitied for his distorted perception of Kashmir situation as his statement, in utter disregard of his party position, may not achieve any advantage for him from his mentors, Prof Soz said.
He said Drabu has deliberately made the statement to prove his credentials to quarters that matter to him. Nobody should take him for his ‘naiveté’, he said.
The Congress leader said “when I read the statement, I remembered late Syed Mir Qasim, who in his last years had desired me to keep spending some time with him as he also then lived in Delhi. Remembering the past struggle of Kashmiris, he (Mir Qasim) had quoted famous couplet of Iqbal to me. “I don’t grudge animosity from ‘the others’ Whatever I have suffered was at the hands of my own people”!
Prof Soz said that PDP top brass’s reaction to Drabu’s derogatory and disgraceful statement has fallen quite short of assuaging the hurt feelings of Kashmiris!
He said the least Drabu can do is to tender an unconditional apology (publicly) to the people of the state and his own party.