‘Killings must stop for happiness to prevail in Kashmir’

‘Killings must stop for happiness to prevail in Kashmir’
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Mar 11: Spiritual guru and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has advised the people of Kashmir to forget the past and move forward with renewed enthusiasm.
While speaking at a peace conference in Srinagar, Sri Sri tried to drive home a point that “violence” is no solution and peace is the only way forward. “Sri Sri has put his point across that people of Kashmir should bear in mind that being with India is the only solution and there is no other way out,” an analyst told Precious Kashmir.
He said, “Sri Sri expressed concern over the killings and acknowledged that people of Kashmir have faced very difficult situations and are the victims of the conflict. But his message was clear that there is no other way except reconciliation.”
A Kashmir watcher said, “The members of the Indian civil society are reiterating what the politicians are saying. They (civil society) members too have started ignoring the political dimensions of the Kashmir imbroglio.”
He said, “Many people in New Delhi believe that Kashmir is no issue. For them separatists and Pakistan don’t exist at all. Their message is loud and clear that people should forget what happened during the past 27-years across the state and move ahead.”
He said, “Like India, Pakistan too is firm on its stand and wants Kashmir to be resolved. For New Delhi J&K is its integral part and for Islamabad Kashmir is its jugular vein. Both the countries are not at talking terms with each other and the escalating tensions on the borders has added fuel to the fire.”
An observer said,” People of Kashmir are facing the brunt of hostilities between the two countries and are at the receiving end. Sri, Sri wants to spread happiness in J&K. It seems he is unaware about the fact that killings have become an order of the day and under these circumstances no one can remain happy.”
He said, “If Sri Sri really wants to make people in Kashmir happy he should ask New Delhi to give up its rigidity and allow Kashmiris to breathe freely. If Sr Sri wants to spread his message of happiness and love in Kashmir he has to make sure that atmosphere is made conducive.”
A politician said, “People like Sri, Sri who are close to powerful people in New Delhi, should make them understand that confrontation is no solution and handling the Kashmir situation with an iron fist would worsen the situation.”
He said, “Sri Sri’s message of love and peace can only work if New Delhi changes its attitude towards Kashmir and Kashmiris.”