Khyber Institute clarifies on 73-year-old man’s death last month

Srinagar, Mar 11: Medical Superintendent of Khyber Hospital here has clarified on the death of a 73-year-old person at the hospital last month.
“The patient namely Abdul Hameed S/o Ghulam Qadir R/o Rawalpora Age/73yrs was admitted to the hospital on 20.2.2018 under MRD No.8467/KMI for the colonic polypectomy procedure. The procedure was performed by Prof. (Dr) Showkat Ali Zargar-Interventional Gastroenterologist on 20.02.2018 at 10:00 am in our GE lab. The procedure went uneventful for half an hour duration,” Medical Superintendent said.
Post procedure, the Medical Superintendent said, the patient was kept in General Ward and subsequently in the side room (306).
After an hour, Dr. Showkat Ali Zargar, former Directions SKIMS Soura, had a visit in the ward and instructed doctors on duty about medicine and I/V fluid. “The patient was hemodynamically stable throughout the day with all necessary vitals,” he said, adding, “At around 11:45 pm on the same day, the patient complained of one episode of vomiting and abdomen colic. Doctor on duty Dr. Samiullah Bhat called Prof (Dr) Showkat Ali Zargar and he informed him about the vomiting, Dr. Showkat Zargar prescribed some medication which was administered to the patient accordingly.”
At regular intervals, the MS said, the patient was observed and monitored by the on-duty resident doctor and staff nurses. “The whole night remained uneventful and without any complications or complaints.”
In the morning, the same resident doctor Dr. Samiullah Bhat called the Dr.Showkat Zargar and briefed him about the patient’s condition. “He instructed the Resident doctor to discharge the patient with medicine Tab. Ciplox-TZ for 03 days and follow up after few days in his clinic. The patient was discharged around 1:00 pm on 21.2.018 after he accepted orals fully (tea) and with stable vitals.”
The MS said that the patient was taken to home but around 6:00 pm on 21.02.2018, the patient was brought to Khyber Hospital in a state of “loss of consciousness.” “ECG showed Asystole, CPR has done as per ACLS guidelines but could not be revived and declared dead at 6:40 pm on 21.2.2018 at Khyber Medical Institute.”