How to get luminous skin

This season one of the biggest beauty trends is natural and glowing skin, the foundation of which is a good skincare routine.Skincare experts Rabia Malik and Preema Vig suggest that exfoliation and increasing hyaluronic acid in your skin can show great results, reports says that one can begin with some gen-tle exfoliation as this will ensure removal of surface debris from the skin.“Following exfoliation, increase your skin’s level of hyaluronic aid to achieve a more lu-minous, brighter complexion. This can be achieved with topicals that contain high lev-els of molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Try using homecare products that contain pep-tides too as these help to achieve a brighter complexion,” said Malik.Vig feels that hyaluronic acid helps to plump the skin and so does the intake of vitamin A.“Vitamin A increases the skin cell cycle which brings new skin cells to the sur-face. Vitamin C helps in lightening, brightening and tightening the skin. Fruit acids at night exfoliate the top layer of skin,” said Vig.