Unlike Modi govt, Vajpayee respected parliamentary procedures: Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Launching a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central Government, former Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Friday accused the ruling dispensation of suppressing the voice of the Opposition.
Speaking at the India Today Conclave 2018, Sonia asked that whether India was really a “giant black hole before May 26, 2014’” as claimed by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government and added that such claims are “an insult to the intelligence of our people.”
She also appeared to unfavourably compare Vajpayee’s government with BJP saying the former respected ‘parliamentary procedure’.
She said: “If are not allowed to speak in parliament, why not shut down parliament so we can all go home. Unlike Vajpayee, this BJP govt doesn’t respect parliament procedures.”
She also said she was confident that BJP’s ‘acche din will be Shining India’, referring to the BJP government’s loss in 2004.
Asked what she thought of Modi, she said: “As the Prime Minister, I have seen and heard him here and abroad, but I do not know him as a person.”
Accusing the BJP-led Centre of ‘suppressing’ their voice in the Parliament, she said, “Our freedom is under assault. Today we are embracing a regressive vision. Parliament is a forum for the exchange of views. If you are not allowed to speak, then what is the point’’
Sonia further highlighted the ‘growing intolerance’ in the country and said that the ‘voice of the people is being silenced and religious tensions are being fuelled with just one agenda to win the election.’
Speaking about choosing Manmohan Singh as PM, she said she knew Manmohan Singh would be a better PM than her.
Further criticising the NDA government, the Congress leader said that the ‘judiciary is in turmoil’ and the Right to Information Act, which was brought to bring transparency, has been put in cold storage.