Dental College students go on indefinite strike

Srinagar, Mar 9: PG Students of department of Orthodontics including PGs, UGs and interns of Government Dental College (GDC) Friday started an indefinite strike to press for their demand of removal of Head of the Department (HoD), which led to patient care to suffer immensely on Friday.
The protesting students are demanding the removal of (HoD) Orthodontics Dr Muhammad Mushtaq following the allegations of alleged harassment
Earlier, only six PGs of the department of Orthodontics were protesting against the erring HoD.
However on Friday hundreds of other students joined them in protest by calling it an indefinite strike until their demands are met.
Dr Mudasir, said that they are not going to resume their work till their demands are not met, “we demand the removal of the HoD as soon as possible,” he said and a formation of students union in the college, he said.
Earlier, the students had alleged that the concerned HoD was abusing them physically as well as mentally by making them do the domestic chores which includes picking and dropping his family.
Medico bodies have taken a strong notice of the treatment being meted with PG students and have supported the protesting doctors till their demands are not met. (KNS)