Rightwing leaders unhappy over PDP playing ‘big brother’s’ role

Rightwing leaders unhappy over PDP playing ‘big brother’s’ role
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Afaq Bhat

Srinagar, Mar 8: Top RSS leaders, who are scheduled to meet in Nagpur next week, reportedly to discuss various issues, including the performance of PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir has come as a surprise for many people.
A politician wishing not to be named said, “It’s strange that RSS leaders would review the performance of the Jammu and Kashmir government, which has been grappling with number of issues.”
He said, “One needs to ask the leaders of the ruling party who sets the agenda of the government RSS or the BJP leadership. Till date we were under the impression it’s the BJP leadership only which takes the final call over the issues. Now our perception has changed.”
A Kashmir watcher said, “During the past three years PDP has had an upper hand over BJP and has dominated the government. Many people are of the opinion that BJP is a junior partner despite it having equal number of seats.”
He said, “A notion has been created in Jammu region that BJP has not lived upto the expectations of the people and has failed to plead the cause of Jammu region. People accuse BJP leaders of being second fiddles in the present coalition.”
An analyst said that there are speculations that in the forthcoming RSS meeting the Sangh leaders would decide the fate of the PDP-BJP government in J&K. “There are even reports that some people have complained to Sangh leaders that PDP is not allowing the BJP to carry forward its agenda and has been opposing the basic ideology of the party,” he added.
A PDP leader said, “When we entered into an alliance with the BJP we signed an Agenda of Alliance with them. So BJP cannot dictate terms to us. Till we are in alliance with them they will have to abide by the AoA. RSS has got nothing to do with the PDP. It can discuss the performance of BJP ministers but not ours.”
He said, “PDP had entered into an alliance with BJP and not the RSS. We have got nothing to do with the RSS meeting.”
A senior leader of National Conference said that it’s an “open secret” that PDP-BJP government in J&K was formed after getting a prior approval from the Sangh parivar. “It’s the RSS which has been setting the agenda for the J&K government. If RSS leaders come to a conclusion that PDP-BJP government has not lived upto the expectations it can take a call and ask the BJP to withdraw from the coalition. The forthcoming RSS meeting is very important for the J&K government,” the NC leader claimed.