Rajya Sabha witnesses pandemonium; House adjourned

New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday witnessed pandemonium with opposition benches creating din on a host of issues forcing adjournment.
The issues on which the members agitated include bank loan fraud scam relating to Nirav Modi, and toppling of statues in Tripura and Tamil Nadu.
The members remained unmoved in spite of Chairperson Venkaiah Naidu’s repeated intervention to restore order in the House.
Agitated members were up on their feet, while some entered into the Well of the House. The Congress and TMC groups apparently took up the Nirav Modi case, while the Left and Tamil parties protested against the defiling of statues of Lenin and Dravidian icon Periyar, respectively, in Tripura and Tamil Nadu.
The disturbance in the proceedings started immediately after the customary laying of papers on House’s table.
Ruckus rocked the House when Naidu, before taking up Zero Hour suo motu, referred to reports of sacrilege of statues. “This is mad, this is bad,” he said.
“This is a shame, whoever did it,” he said, and expressed the hope that authorities would take action.
Amidst din, he said such acts were reprehensible whether they occurred in Tripura, Tamil Nadu or West Bengal.
With members parking themselves in the Well, Naidu in vain asked them to return to their seats so that order could be restored.
He said he was ready to allow discussion on any issue. In the din caused by members upping the decibel of their sloganeering protests, he added that he had admitted notices for discussion on the bank scam.
He asked the members to start the discussion as both Leader of the House and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and the Leader of the Opposition and Congress member Gulam Nabi Azad were present.
He said the banking scam is important, as were other issues.
When the members did not budge, a visibly upset Naidu termed the disruptions as “bad and against norms of democracy”, following which the House was adjourned.