Pay heed to CM’s advice

Pay heed to CM’s advice
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Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has impressed upon all the security agencies to work in synergy to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures as laid out are strictly adhered to and in no way be these violated or overlooked.
The recent killings of four civilians and two militants in Shopian have rattled the security establishment in the Valley. People at the helm know it very well that civilian killings can lead to chaos in Kashmir and could ruin the coming season in the Valley.
Army is maintaining that four civilians killed in Shopian were accompanying the militants and they got killed in the crossfire. However, locals have dismissed the army claim they say that civilians were killed in “cold blood.”
These killings have put the PDP led coalition government in the tight spot as government is finding it hard to handle the situation. During the past three days, Kashmir has remained shut for two days. The schools which were to open after two month winter break earlier this week were closed again. There has been tremendous decline in the number of tourists visiting Kashmir and people associated with the Tourism industry are in dire straits.
The coming months are going to prove a tightrope walk for the PDP led government. It has to ensure that no such incident takes place in coming days which can disturb the peace and vitiate the atmosphere.
During the security review meeting Chief Minister reminded the officers that “aberrations” could provide an opportunity to the elements inimical to peace in the state to foment trouble which could lead to major law and order problems. One hopes that heads of security agencies pay some heed towards the advice of the Chief Minister and prevent the situation from taking an ugly turn.