Irritated by mobile addiction, man chops off his son’s right hand

Hyderabad: Mobile addiction in teenagers is particularly common, which often leads to parents having a troubled time. But a man from Hyderabad took matters to his own hand, literally to curb his son’s mobile addiction. According to reports, Mohammed Qayyum Qureshi (45) chopped off right hand of his 19-year-old son, who used to be glued to his mobile phone throughout the night.
The incident happened at Pahadishareef region of Hyderabad. The victim, Khaled Qureshi is a cable operator by profession and his father is an electrician. Khaled had the habit of watching movies for long hours in his mobile. His father had warned him several times to sleep early but he turned deaf ears. Matters turned serious, when both had a massive quarrel over this issue and Khaled bit his father’s hand. However later that night, he continued to surf his phone without obeying his father.That was the proverbial last straw for Qayyum who used a butcher’s knife to cut off his son’s right hand on early Monday morning.
Soon,everyone woke up hearing Khaled’s loud screams and he was rushed to the local hospital. According to police, the hand has been detached close to 90%, and there is remote chance that Khaled can again get back his hand with full capability.