Bloodshed taking toll

Bloodshed taking toll
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If killings and bloodshed don’t stop in Kashmir, situation can take an ugly turn. People are demanding answers as killings have become a routine. They want this bloodshed to end. But have no idea about how it would end.
South Kashmir has been an epicenter of violence during the past three years.
The Jammu and Kashmir government too seems clueless as its appeals to New Delhi to change its attitude towards Kashmiris and revisit its Kashmir policy have not yielded any result.
The naked dance of death and destruction are not taking Kashmir anywhere. The ruling Peoples Democratic Party which during the past 18-years had emerged as an alternative for National Conference, the oldest regional party of Jammu and Kashmir, seems to be caught in a desperate situation and is losing its popularity. South Kashmir was considered to be PDP’s bastion but at present it’s the most sensitive area in entire Kashmir.
Many people believe that New Delhi’s rigid stance and its hostile policy towards Pakistan and separatists have made the situation dicey in Kashmir.
The Kashmir based politicians are crying hoarse and have been asking New Delhi to soften its Kashmir policy. But the people at the helm seem least interested and are of the firm belief that situation has to be dealt with an iron hand. People sitting in New Delhi seem to have turned a blind eye towards the ground situation. If they don’t make an effort to reach out to the people of Kashmir, situation can worsen further. Kashmir at present is caught in the quagmire of uncertainty. This uncertainty has to end for situation to change in Kashmir as the Valley and its people have been pushed to an edge.