Here’s how to have a hearty laugh


We are constantly running from one place to another, trying to meet dead-lines and battling traffic.We are bombarded with stimuli, be it in the office or at home. This leads to stress and a drained body, but something as small as a good hearty laugh can work wonders on your body and mind. Laughing increases the amount of oxygen in our body and instantly relaxes and calms you down. Here’s how you can have a good hearty laugh on a daily basis…Watch a funny movie, TV show or standup comic actsDitch the drama-filled soaps that only make you more agitated. Instead, watch funny TV shows or a funny movie. Standup comic acts have become quite popular and one is staged almost every weekend, so go out and laugh your heart out.Join a laughter clubBangalore is home to 220 laughter clubs, which is the highest number in any Indian city. There are laughter clubs spread across Karnataka. Laughter ses-sions are mostly held for an hour in the morning and evenings, and include laughter steps, exercises and even laughter meditation.Play with your petNo one is happier to see you come home than your pet. Animals are extreme-ly sensitive and are generally clued in to your emotions. So, take some time out and play with your pet and you are sure to find yourself laughing at his/her antics.Hang out with funny peopleThis one’s really important. We tend to spend a good chunk of our free time with friends, so why hang out with people who are uptight and dull? Find someone who shares your sense of humour and spend more time with them.Watch someone else laughThe quickest way to laugh is to watch someone laughing out loud. Laughter, like yawning, is contagious, and you have to be seriously depressed not to at least smile at the sight of someone bursting into peals of laughter. There are several videos online of people of all ages laughing. Watch them and have a good hearty laugh.Do something sillyLoosen up, let go and do something silly for a change. Feeling too self-con-scious? Then let your friends in on the act and do something silly together as a group. Play like children, or better still, with them, but remember, do this as though no one is watching.